Home Relocations - Restumping


Welcome to Bundaberg House Relocators

We buy and sell houses for removal, from old Queenslanders and miner’s cottages to more modern homes.

The proprietors of Bundaberg House Relocators Pty Ltd have been relocating houses for 25 years. The owner’s of the company, Bill & Robyn Keech have successfully completed three subdivisions just for relocated Queenslanders, Colonials and Cottages.

  • BHR is the preferred government contractor, having relocated numerous houses for the government to all points of Queensland.
  • Fully insured.
  • Modern, state of the art equipment.
  • Hands on management team.
  • The company is a gold card holder with the QBSA license number 041619.
  • We buy and sell houses for removal, from old Queenslanders and Miner’s Cottages to the more modern homes
  • Relocate these houses to clients’ land and stump them, either high or low set, with steel, timber or concrete stumps.
  • If client secures a house for removal or wants their own home moved, we are more than happy to relocate it for them.
  • We raise, lower and/or re-stump your existing home.
  • We assist with filling in and lodgment of council documents.
  • Helping the environment by recycling.

Murrell Court House







• First home loan grant  applies until completion of scheme

• Half the price of a new home of the same floor area.

• Usually superior timber, larger rooms & higher ceilings.

• Into your home sooner. It takes a week to relocate & stump a house after council approval.

• By raising an existing house it doubles the area therefore adding value to the home.

Home Relocations - Restumping